Published Writing



Apocrypha and Abstractions: Big Jim 

Bellaonline Literary review: Tadpoles.

 Dogzplot: A Serpent to Sting You. 

 Eschatology: The Straw-Girls

 Eunoia Review: The Thirteenth Step

 For Every Year: Tantalus 

Flash Fiction Online: Gathering Rosebuds of Rust

FlashFlood: Melt

Frostwriting: Mine

Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi: Red in Tooth and Claw.
Jersey Devil Press: Bonnie and Clyde 

Lovecraft eZine: Twilight Turns from Amethyst.

Paraxis: Ubi Sunt

Pure Slush: Entertainers And Dreamers Grow Bitter Eventually. 

Spilling Ink Review Issue 6: Marked

The Molotov Cocktail: Ending Soon: baby shoes, never worn, bargain!

The Mustache Factor: Four Seasons In One Day

The Pygmy Giant: And the Merry Go Round Broke Down.

What the Dickens? Magazine (Issue Two, pp 28-30): Brotherhood.

1000words: open/sesame.exe


Storybook (Unbound Press) : The Bull Boys


Menacing Hedge: Smoke Surfaces in Slumber.

Jersey Devil Press: Dippin' and Dustin' 

Journal of Unlikely Entomology:

Fiction 365: Slowly Light Strengthens  

The Colored Lens: And Down We Fall 


Far Fetched Fables: Gathering Rosebuds of Rust


Flash Fiction Online: Muse