Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bugs and Beginnings

So, I'm starting a blog...but where to start?

Right at the beginning? My first memory of anything “writerly” (which is the purpose of this blog, after all) was standing up in junior school assembly, when I was ten, as the head-teacher read my poem to the entire school. The one about the poor, thirsty beetle, who, in parched desperation, scurried into a fizzy drinks bottle, couldn’t get out, and died; sated, but alone.  Despite my almost evangelistic use of the word “why?” throughout that particular composition, and my scathing, veiled attacks on litterbugs, I’m sure all my classmates were much more distracted by their own numb bottoms or nostril cavities; and that they spent their lunch break chucking coke cans into bushes and killing all manner of innocent insect, heedless of my words.

And I’m not sure that much has changed.  The writing process is still accompanied by that curious blend of pride and mortification that I felt in that musty assembly hall: I am a creator! I create nothing but shit. I want to show the world! You mustn’t read it, it’s awful. I’m amazing! I’m useless. Etc. Plus with everybody seemingly blogging, or tweeting, or facebooking; and thousands of  literary e-journals and stories jostling for attention -amidst all the other immeasurable online distractions- I’m not sure if I’ll be able to command any more attention than I did that morning; when even I was more interested in seeing if the girl with the weak bladder would piss herself again during hymns.

But I’ll try.  This is then my attempt to “seriously” write and see what happens.  I’ve linked my fiction that’s already been published (as yet scarce, I know, so I’ve added “forthcoming” publications to make me feel better, and because I’m impatient and publishers take forever to get stuff into print), and hopefully as I keep bombarding and practising and adding material, the site will start to take some kind of shape.  Aside from the creative element, there will probably be bits thrown in about the writing process, book and film reviews, the odd rant, and should I get upto anything more exciting and note-worthy than sitting in my pyjamas and staring at a screen all day, then that may sneak its way in too. But they'll be no more about beetles. Probably.

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  1. Cool, looking forward to reading more. Especially any rants. They suit you ;) - Naila